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About Brittany Leigh

My name is Brittany and I am a Pittsburgh permanent make up artist and licensed esthetician.  I started my journey into the beauty industry by first falling in love with my own personal skin care journey.  I became a full blown product junkie and finally decided to turn my passion into a career. 


During the pandemic, I decided while the world was quiet, I'd make my move.  Side note; I'm also a full time mom. So, finding time to attend school was a struggle.   I attended Douglas Education Center in Monessen, PA and graduated as a Dean's List student in September of 2020. 


I always knew that furthering my education and certifications was one of the single handed most important things I could do to thrive in this industry.  I started taking every single free webinar on skin that I could find.  I dove into product training for multiple product lines and sought after certifications that I felt were needed to validate my professionalism and commitment to my clientele.  I keep up with multiple publications and mentors within the industry to make sure I am up to date on all new trends and information.  My first love will always be the skin, but the immediate satisfaction both the client and I feel after a lip blush treatment is exhilarating.


After spending some time in the esthetic industry, I knew I eventually wanted to add permanent make up services to my menu options.  I went to Orlando, FL for an intensive training course with and the rest is history.  I fell in love with the service.  Lips are just so sensual and can add so much confidence.  To me, they're my art, and I love the creative side of this industry.  This is what I was meant to do.  I feel that, and am embracing it.  I am loving this journey and will continue to be committed to the best training and education.  My relationships with my clients are the backbone of this passion and to you all, I am extremely grateful.

Thank you endlessly, Brittany Leigh

Pink Sugar

Lip Blushing

It is a semipermanent tattooing method designed to enhance the natural color and shape of your lips. 


The treatment will last between one and two years.  Touch up appointments are encouraged every twelve to eighteen months to maintain color. Using a method called pixelating, I will deposit small, unattached dots of pigment using a small needle to build color evenly throughout.  The result is a color that looks completely natural but with a noticeable boost and more defined shape.


Unlike traditional tattooing, we use pigments instead of ink to deposit color into the skin.  The molecule size is much smaller which allows the body to break down the pigment over time.  In addition, we stay in the very top layer of the dermis (the papillary layer of skin) barely scratching beyond the surface of the epidermis.  Because of this, while everyone experiences pain differently, the majority of clients will experience only a mild discomfort.


The treatment is split into two appointments.  You have an initial session that you can expect to last between three and four hours, and then you will have touch up session six to eight weeks after your appointment to address any areas that need further saturated and to possibly adjust the color if desired.


Lip Blushing

Long lasting lip color. Enhanced lip symmetry.  Customized shades.

Fuller looking lips.

Increased pigmentation for pale + aging lips.


Lip Mapping

One of the most important parts of your treatment, is mapping your lips. Together we will fully discuss any concerns you have and address them.  We won't move forward with treatment until you are obsessed with your shape.

Pre Care + After Care

Being committed to your pre care and after care is just as important as the artist you trust with your beautiful lips. Disregarding either can lead to unwanted results and possible complications. 


Healing Process

Lips heal quickly. While healing, you should not feel pain.  Some dryness and flaking is normal and expected.  Within a week, most of that flaking should subside.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for the color to fully heal.


Beauty unlocks confidence.
Ready for your glowUP?

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