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5 Benefits to Lip Blushing

So maybe we are coming to the end (knocks on wood) of some of the craziest and most bizarre years of our lives, but the wounds are still very fresh. I don't know if those wounds will ever be erased. I truly can't fathom ever going back to life before March of 2020 fully. There will always be that little voice in the back of my mind - you know the one.

I'm also a millennial and as much as I can say, "Every generation has been through their fair share of shit," I mean... Wow. It's been a hell of a ride. The news continuously pushed the word "unprecedented," and as annoyed as I got hearing it, it was true. It was the only word that even scratched the surface of the things we had been experiencing. Okay, okay, why am I talking about this on a blog about beauty? Because as ridiculous as it sounds, I can not begin to tell you how much I have missed my lips and lipstick. It was one of the things I certainly had taken for granted in my life prior to bizarre-o covid world. Even just your basic chapstick application became a challenge. I didn't love that for us.


I have always had a deep appreciation for my lips. It's not like I don't understand how strange that sounds, but in a world of certain insecurities, I always liked my lips. Ironically, I hate my teeth, but the frame around them, that I love. Sure, I could pick them apart, but overall, they're cute and I always loved to accentuate them. Lips are sensual and the best shade of red can bring such a rush of confidence.

Closes your eyes and picture yourself as a powerhouse boss bitch. Picture you're dressed in luxury designs with your favorite pair of red bottoms. This you, she has it all. Maybe she's an attorney or a CEO. Or maybe she is a stay at home mom who had the most organized week of her life and deserves a night out dressed the nines to celebrate being such a boss momma. Doesn't matter - She's your best self. She represents those days that you glow with confidence and shine from the inside out. Now I have a very serious question to ask...

Is there anyway this you doesn't have the most beautiful lip shade on?

Don't worry - it's rhetorical. Even if your ideal shade is a clear gloss, I know the answer is yes. I love that version of every woman. There's something exceptionally beautiful about a fiercely confident woman.

Lip blushing can help you feel that lipstick ready confidence all the time. It's a semi permanent tattoo technique that's creates a custom shade of color to enhance and define your lips. Love your lips? Enhance them. Have lip concerns such as pigmentation issues or asymmetry? This treatment can address those, too.



1. Long Lasting Lip Color

The technique creates long lasting color. You have the ability to choose a style that's a bit more translucent or one that is more full coverage. Depending on your chosen style, your treatment may require multiple sessions. The pigments used in the PMU industry are water based which allows your body to break down the pigment over time and return to a natural lip color. The color will gradually fade over the course of one to three years.

2. Pigmentation correction for pale, uneven or aging lips

The skin on lips naturally varies greatly in color. It can also be incredibly uneven. If you receive treatments like fillers, the skin will stretch causing some loss in pigment. As we age, we also tend to lose pigment in our lips. With lighter pigmented lips, you tend to lose some of the structure of the lip at the edges and without applying color to the lip daily, the face tends to looked washed out in the lip area. If you have hyperpigmentation and are a darker fitzpatrick, the opposite can occur. The dark (usually edges) of the lip can cause the lips to get "lost" or possibly stand out in an undesired way. If you have any scarring on the lip, the scar will always stand out against your natural lip shade, but lip blushing can help. Lip blushing implements color to the top layer of dermis to create an even pigment through the lip correcting any of the concerns above. This may take several sessions to achieve a desired look, but once achieved, any pigmentation concerns should be a thing of your past.

3. Ability to customize your shade

Understanding cool and warm tones within the skin and pigments is the backbone of choosing a color that is going to compliment your skin. Your artist should be knowledgeable on their pigments and be able to guide you to your best shade. It can help to bring your favorite lip shade to your appointment and yes, after your lips are healed and gloss and go ready, you can still wear your favorite lip shades to switch it up.

4. Enhance your lip symmetry

If you already have the perfect lip structure, that's amazing, but not everyone does. If you structure is perfect, this treatment will only make you fall deeper in love with your lips. But maybe your smile is a tad crooked, or maybe you have a scar that damaged your lips. There's a ton of things that can throw off your symmetry, but by mapping the lips and playing with literal millimeters, we can perfect the symmetry.

Are you interested in lip fillers? Lip Blushing is such a complementary service to injections and can take your enhancement to the next level. If you have already received fillers, the structure of the lip created in the structure is what we have to usually follow. So, for that reason, it is recommended to do lip blushing before fillers. However, not mandatory for amazing finished results.

5. Fuller looking, defined lips

Lip blushing doesn't actually change the lip structure at all but by implementing color evenly, your lips will appear fuller. Think about how your lips look with color on them now vs without out. Same principle applies in terms of appearance. I love this treatment for the gloss and go low maintenance that it delivers, but fuller and more defined lips is a dream. This treatment also creates controlled trauma on the lip area which naturals increases collagen production and plumps the lip. The lips will be slightly swollen immediately after the treatment, but the swelling will subside within the first 24 hours.

artist: Brittany Lonero

location: Nik'd Beauty Studio Elizabeth, PA


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